Lined Un Equal Tee

Lined Un Equal Tee Manufacturers in Gujarat

We are one of the most prominent manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of a wide range of high-quality lined unequal tees for pipe fittings. Lined unequal tee is one of the important components in the piping and plumbing systems, it helps in the division of fluid flow. This pipe fitting has a T-shaped design, with one branch smaller than the other connecting branches.

When it comes to selecting lined unequal tee, the material utilized for manufacturing is of utmost important. The quality materials used for manufacturing these products ensure resistance against corrosion and a smooth flow of abrasive and high-pressure fluids. It is ideal for piping systems meant for transferring strong oxidants, organic solvents, strong acids, and alkali.

PTFE Lined Un Equal Tee is the most preferred choice due to its opposing to various chemicals and its low friction coefficient. This range of products ensures the longevity and reliability of your equipment in demanding industrial applications.


We have earned an excellent name as a reliable supplier and exporter of pipe fittings for chemicals and got appreciation from both domestic and international clients. Moreover, our offered lined unequal tee pipe fittings play an important role in the proficient and safe operation of industrial piping and plumbing systems.

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