Lined Eccentric Reducer

We manufacture, supply and export corrosion-resistant lined eccentric reducers for smooth flow of abrasive fluids. Lined eccentric reducer is used upstream of pumps to increase the pace of fluid. They are extremely robust in construction and are weatherproof. These reducers can also be installed upstream and downstream of pressure safety valves in flare line systems.

This lined eccentric reducer pipe fitting helps to reduce the flowing lines in different sizes, making it suitable for complex piping systems. This exceptional range of lined eccentric reducers finds application in a variety of industries, which include pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, and wastewater treatment.

When you choose Bflon Lined Valves, you are assured of getting the highest quality product, improved reliability, and excellent customer support to get the best results. You can improve the performance and durability of your piping systems also reducing the risk while functioning with our offered premium quality lined eccentric reducer fittings.


We constantly try to provide our clients with the finest quality solutions at the most competitive prices. Thus, choosing us for your entire pipe fitting requirements is the best decision for assured product quality. Our offered range of lined eccentric reducers ensures a secure and leak-free connection, and regularly maintaining them increases their life.

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